Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All-Star Gripes

Sorry folks, but the all-star game brings out the inner curmudgeon in me. Here are a few of the things that have annoyed me over the past couple of days...

Talk of the home run derby: I love Scott Van Pelt from ESPN, but he referred to Josh Hamilton and Justin Morneau's final last night as an event where people will remember exactly where they were when it happened. Really?! Can anyone even name who won last year's HR Derby?! Nobody gives a damn.

I love you Jonathon Papelbon, but shut the hell up. Does it really mean that much to you to close the freakin' all-star game. You're a great closer and a key to the Sox success, but Mariano is the GOAT. Period. You have a ways to go. You'll get a chance to play, just like all the other little boys.

Why in the name of all that is holy, does this game count for anything?! It's an exhibition. Just because it ended in a tie a few years ago, Selig had to go crazy. Why did anyone give a damn anyway? Home field should be decided with the real games. The team with the better record gets it, too bad.

If MLB has any hope of me watching any of this crappy game, I'm not going to watch it at 8pm on a Tuesday, that's for certain. I work, I have a kid, I go to bed at 9:30. Sorry. Make it Sunday at 5:00. Then there's a chance.

Excuse me. The curmudgeon has to go shoo some kids off the lawn now.


Dennis said...

I agree that games should start a bit earlier. I wouldn't even mind 8 o'clock if the actual first pitch was at 8 o'clock. As for the All-star game, I think it is a waste of time, I would be thrilled if they cancelled the whole thing altogether.

I have nothing for you on your bedtime though. Hell, old ladies with their knitting manage to stay up to watch the 10 o"clock news.

Dan said...

That's only because they're paranoid and have to watch to see if the world is going to end.

Joey said...

agreed. when will mlb learn their lesson? i hope a huge star gets hurt during next year's game, ending their season. What will selig do when 100,000,000 jeter fans show up at his office wanting blood because their prized shortstop is on the 60 DL.(I have no ill hopes for jeter and do not wish him to get hurt. I was just using him as an example. Actually I enjoyed routing for him last night until he hit into that double play)

Dan said...

You're dead on Joe about the injury thing.

JD Drew was the MVP last night which was cool, I suppose. But how do you choose an MVP when everyone plays about an inning? It's a little silly. The media has been hyping this all-star game so much, and it's just idiotic. By tomorrow no one will even remember what happened.

John said...

Well yeah it's an all-star game in the last Yankee stadium which has merit. There was an ad in the daily news today and I thought you guys would be interested. There's a fantasy camp the Yankees are running where you can play in the stadium.