Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sox Flaws Exposed

Well, it was a rough series, but I am not that concerned. The Red Sox confirmed what their flaws are throughout this series. The Rays are a good team and if you don't play well you will get swept. Some Observations:
1. The bullpen sucks with the exception of Papelbon. This needs to get fixed by the trade deadline. Theo, work your magic.
2. They can't win on the road. The Red Sox need to start being ridiculous at home . I mean like 12-2 every month at Fenway, so they can have home field in the playoffs. Also, Youk and Pedroia better tear it up at the all-star game so they can have 4 games at fenway during the world series.
3. They have had a ton of injuries. The presence of David Ortiz was not missed until this series. JD Drew has been playing well, but the guy is only human and Ortiz could have been one more quality bat in the line-up to cause problems for the Rays' staff. With all the missed opportunities Ortiz could have made a huge difference with a couple of hits. Other players who have been on the DL this year include: Colon, Buchholz, Dice-K, Beckett, Timlin, and Lowell. Take that many players away from any team and they will have problems.

If they can split with the Yankees this weekend and limp into the all-star break within a few games of the Rays, they will be fine. I still think the Rays will fade with all their young arms logging those innings, but they were very impressive this week against the World Champs.

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Dan said...

I don't know how the Rays will fair in the second half, but they are for real. This may not be their year, but watch out next year and for years to come if they can keep this group intact.