Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tough Night in Detroit for Sox

In 162 games there are bound to be games like last night. The Sox didn't get the best start from Clay Buchholz. (4 innings, 5 runs, and 82 pitches) They were down and then they came back only to lose in the bottom of the ninth. Two unearned runs were the difference. Shortstop Julio Lugo had a costly error when he mishandled a slow ground ball. Papelbon wasn't lights out, but threw fairly well. He was hit, but not hit hard and lost the game on a cheap looper into shallow left field.

When you fight back in a game and have an opportunity to win then lose, it can sting a little. Luckily, in baseball you play nearly everyday. If this was football, the Sox would have to hear about this in the Globe for a week. Not to mention all the crazy dreams Papelbon will have about this game. You hear it all the time from players, "we need to shake it off and play well tomorrow." That should be easy considering the ACE is going tomorrow, and they should be able to leave Detroit taking 3 of 4.

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Dennis said...

Considering Detroit won in the last inning without hitting a ball more than 100 feet, I don't think there is any reason to be concerned about Papelbon. The same thing happens to the Yankees' closer sometimes, when you have that nasty stuff that gets a lot of broken bats and check swings, once in a while they fall in for cheap singles.