Monday, May 19, 2008

Bronx Bombing the Season

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. With the college school year wrapping up it's been hard to find time to watch the Yankees never mind write about their dismal performances. But school is over now meaning I will be able to waste most nights watching this so far very disappointing team.

The offense is just terrible right now. You would expect the Yankees to fall into more runs just by pure happenstance, but it has just been a struggle to watch them bat. The Yankees have only had one game this season where the scored more than 10 runs. That has to be a giant red flag. I understand that a team shouldn't have to score ten runs to win, and right now the Yankees can't even score five runs, but that shows that the Yankees have lacked any explosive games or innings.

Much like the game against Santana they can only piece together a few random home runs. No one is getting on base as evidenced by them hitting four home runs in the series and only scoring six runs. A big reason the Bombers can't score any runs is their uncharacteristic inability to get on-base or get a big hit with runners on.

The are in the bottom half of all of baseball in team OBP, Avg with runners in scoring position and Avg with runners on. Right now you can only hope that Arod coming back tomorrow does something to spark this team because right now they are just awful to watch at the plate.


Dan said...

This must be hard for you. You have no memory of any losing seasons in New York. You were 10 years old when they won in '96.

Mike said...

I wouldn't count the Yanks out yet. You've seen what they're capable of over the past few years.

Hopefully Hughes and Kennedy can get on track by the end of the season.