Monday, May 12, 2008

Is K. Cash MONEY?

Rough game for the Sox last night. It is becoming more and more obvious the Red Sox are almost unbeatable at Fenway (14-5) and average on the road (10-11). Maybe its the Fenway faithful or the Monster, but they need to figure out how to improve on the road especially for the playoffs. Last year's playoffs were a perfect example; do they comeback against the Indians without going back to Fenway? I say probably not. I know most teams are better at home then on the road, but the Sox seem to get homesick to a greater degree than other teams. Does anyone have any insights on this?

Also, is Kevin Cash ready to catch Wakefield every fifth day? He seemed to struggle last night and his nervousness rubbed off on a frustrated Wakefield. It is not an easy job, but I would rather see Cash struggle a bit then have Veritek catch everyday.

Finally, I watched the game last night without sound because of random circumstances and it was fantastic. I think ESPN, YES, NESN, and FOX should save themselves some money in this struggling economy, get rid of all their clowns in the broadcast booth, and broadcast in silence. Because silence is golden.


Dan said...

Most teams are below .500 on the road. In fact only four, the Marlins (11-5), the A's (11-7), the Angels (12-9), and the Phillies (11-10), have a winning record on the road. I think if they can keep the wins and losses about even away from Fenway, the Sox will be fine.

Peter said...

Well it is no secret that the Sox struggle on the road. It has been a problem for years. It probably has to do with them designing their team around the park. Hitters like Mike Lowell are good because of the Monster and others like Manny, Ortiz and Youk are better because they know how to take advantage of all the aspects of the park. I bet the fact that everyone else in baseball hats the Fenway infield is another reason. No one but them knows how to play defense in that fun house.

Dan said...

Like I said, everyone stinks on the road. The Sox 10 Road wins are only surpassed by the teams that I mentioned in my last comment. If the Sox hold form and play .500 on the road, and play .700 ball at home, then they will end up with 96 wins. What's wrong with that?

Dennis said...

The Marlins and A's are also very unlikely to remain above .500 on the road. To even say the Red Sox struggle on the road is disingenuous, as they are above average compared to the rest of the league.