Friday, May 23, 2008

Sports or Politics?

The other day I was listening to John Kincade fill in for Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio and he purposed a very interesting question to his audience. If you could pick any of the three remaining presidential candidates to win the election this fall, but your favorite sports teams would be terrible for as long as they're in office. Would rather have the president of your choice or the good sports teams?

The response on the show was pretty much in favor of sacrificing the presidency for the good sports teams. There were a few patriots out there who would want their candidate in office but most felt the success of their favorite team would bring them greater joy and almost everyone had an excuse to justify their choice.

I would pick my teams to be honest. I just think that the success of the Yankees or the Eagles brings me greater joy on a day to day basis than any changes a president make. I know it isn't the "right" choice but hey Philly has never won a Super Bowl and the Yankees haven't won in seven years which is a Cub-like long time for Yankee fans. Plus, I couldn't stand seeing the Sox go unopposed for a four year, possible eight year period. It would just make me sick.

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Dennis said...

When your student loans come due in a few months and you see what your interest rates will be comparatively under each candidate's plan you might change your mind.