Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Arod to the rescue; sort of

Well at least one good thing came out of last night's game. Arod is back and his swing looked pretty good and he made all the routine plays at third. But of course the Captain's error and Mussina's inability to put away any of the five hitters that got two strike hits off him made Arod's homecoming a nightmare.

I still have faith that the Yanks will play better than they have and hopefully Darrel Rasner will be able to produce another solid start and maybe save the bullpen some innings.

What hurts the most is that when the Yanks were floundering initially the Red Sox were slow to get on a roll, but now they have found their stride if the Yanks don't right the ship soon then they will be in the same predicament they were last year.

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Dennis said...

Despite the rabidness of the fans, and analysis of every single play in the 19 games between the two, I suspect the Red Sox and Yankees themselves don't care who wins the division and who gets the wild card. These teams are only concerned with making the playoffs. The Yankees are more thankful that none of the teams in the Central have run away with the wild card lead.