Friday, May 2, 2008

Red S 0 X

1,0,1,2,0... No that's not the number of times that President Bush told the truth in each of his first five years in office. It's the number of runs the Sox have scored in each of their last five games. Four runs in five games! Hopefully they will get some vengence tonight against the Rays. Can their success really last? It's like being in an alternate dimension.

Looks like I spoke too soon about Roger Clemens being out of our lives (see post 'No Rest for the Weary' from April 25th). In fact, it's just gotten worse. But my guess is that we haven't seen the worst of it. Just wait until he's Hall of Fame eligible.

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Dennis said...

In all of this steroids garbage we may have finally happened upon an actual crime that the Feds would be justified in investigating. Surely if the outcry over these Hannah Montana photos is this severe statutory rape of a country singer is going to be a priority for an agency disturbingly motivated by the Bush brand of distraction politics..