Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I hate to think of how much he cried in little league

Wow. And I always thought the Red Sox were stupid for letting Orlando Cabrera walk in '04.


Dan said...

Is this common? Do players actually do this on occasion? Why did the press box even take his call? I would've told him to shut up and field some more ground balls in warm-ups if he doesn't want to be charged with an error.

Dennis said...

It happens all the time. Like Cabrera said, when it comes time to negotiate his contract, the teams are going to pull out the numbers.

You see it a lot with guys who have a lot of range, like Cabrera. If he is deep in the hole and gets his glove on a ball but doesn't hold onto it, some scorers will give an error. The manager, or the player, then calls up the scorer and asks him to take another look at it. Some ask more forcefully than others, and the call usually gets changed.

Dan said...

Does this happen in other sports, changing stats and so on? It seems somehow against the spirit of the game to get your stats changed on appeal.

The concept of the error in baseball has always seemed sort of strange to me anyway. What if a RB in football was not given some of his rushing yards because of a missed tackle, or if a QB was charged an interception anyway because a defender dropped an easy pick. It seems weird to punish batters for what 'shoulda been.' But I'm a football guy, so what do I know.

Dennis said...

Other sports don't have the obsession with, or reliance on statistics that baseball does.