Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kennedy out; Hawkins should follow

Well add IPK to the list of fallen pitchers. He and Hughes could be out a for quite some time, but with the way Rasner has been pitching it wont hurt that much. It also makes the Yank's decision on Joba that much easier. Now they don't have to worry about dropping anyone from the rotation, though, Kennedy was making that an easy choice even if he didn't get hurt.

After two bad outings that cost the Yanks last night's game and a shot at a comeback on Monday, Latroy Hawkins isn't doing much to keep himself in pinstripes. It's only a one year deal so the Yankees don't really have to grin and bare Hawkins in the pen. It would also allow them to continue the youth movement since they have a couple of arms tearing things up at both AA and AAA in J.B. Cox, Mark Melancon and Daniel McCutchen.

It would probably give the Yankees a better chance to win right now anyway considering that all of those arms have more talent than a lot of the arms out in the bullpen right now. But it wont really matter much if they don't start beating teams like the Orioles. Especially after they have two four run leads and a lead in extra innings.

Now it's Pettitte's turn to be the stopper and it's something he usually does well. The Yanks hit Guthrie reasonably well so hopefully the lefty gets some of that run support we saw wasted last night.

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Dennis said...

So the Yankees' pitching staff is (once again) going to be saved by calling some relievers with live arms up from AA and two starters with less than 120 career innings between them? And this gives them a better chance to win right now?

You really haven't learned anything from the Hughes/Kennedy debacle, have you Pete?

I see you need guidance. Luckily, I will be back on the east coast in a few days to provide some much needed wisdom.