Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Red Sox Home Sick Again

Following my comments a few weeks ago regarding the Sox not doing too bad on the road, comparatively speaking, they lost five games in a row away from Fenway. Bartolo Colon had a solid outing Monday night to stop that streak. It got me to thinking, are the Red Sox a team that is too customized to win at Fenway Park? Obviously all teams try to take advantage of their particular ball parks. Half of a teams games are at home so it would be foolish not to. Teams fill their rosters to exploit a hitters' park or pitchers' park depending on a stadiums dimensions. In the Red Sox case, it's the Green Monster. Players like Youkilis and Lowell are constantly banging hits off of that left field wall. In many other parks those hits are fly outs. Does anyone else have any insights into this?

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Dennis said...

Again, there are currently 6 teams in the league with winning records on the road, and one more at .500. The Red Sox will end up right around .500 on the road, which will be more than enough to make the playoffs.