Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yanks vs. Sox: Round 2

Well yesterday's game was a tough one to watch from both sides. What was promoted as a pitchers dual between two former teammates ended as a slug fest with both pitchers imploding for eight earned runs in five innings. Though both pitchers ended with a similiar line, it is obvious that Burnett is the guy who lost the game.

Handed a 6-0 lead Burnett gave up a grand slam to the geriatric Jason Varitek and a solo shot to light hitting Jacoby Ellsbury. This is more likely what Burnett will be all season long. Having spurts of true dominance before regressing into a walk and home run machine. The hope is that he has more of those 10 k two-hit performances than these eight run debacles.

The one positive that we can take from this series is that the Yanks are still putting up a pretty good fight against the Sox despite having the mass defection of their 25 man roster to the disabled list.

Also, I think we can officially say that Robinson Cano is back. The adjustments he made at the end of last season seem to have had a real effect on him and he is simply destroying the ball. Its also a great sign for Cano to be mashing in April since his early season struggles are well documented.

For his career Cano has managed only a .264/.310/.391 line for April. But after April his numbers jump to .311/.338/.488. Its very possible that last season was the aberration for Cano and not the years prior. The guy can hit the ball, and this year he has been more discerning at the plate. If he develops just a little more patience then he will be the force everyone expected him to be after 2006.

Tonight it's Pettitte vs. Masterson. Pettitte has looked good in his three starts, but Masterson was solid his last time out. My hope for this game is that it ends before midnight, but that's wishful thinking. Get some rest this afternoon... it's probably gonna be a long night.


Dennis said...

Both of these bullpens are shot after the last two days, and neither pitcher is really capable of going deep into games at this point. I think they will both pitch into and out of trouble for five innings. It will be something like 1-0 or 1-1 going into the 6th, but both starters will be over 100 pitches and finished.

Then we will all be subjected to 4 innings of painful to watch full counts, situational relievers and 2 run doubles. The game will finally end 11-10 sometime around 1 AM.

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