Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everybody Panic!!!

Well two games in the book and its two in the loss column for the Yankees. What in the world are the Yankees going to do? It seems as though they never will win a game.

This is the one problem with being a Yankee fan: you consistently have to worry about everyone jumping the boat as soon as the team loses a few games in a row. Now, it its important to get that first one on the board, but no one should look at these two losses as a sign of things to come from the Yankees. It just so happens that Sabathia and Wang had back-to-back bad starts. You would hope for more from the top two in the rotation, but sometimes these things happen.

Today it's A.J. Burnett on the mound and the hope that he can show up and give the Yankees the solid start that they need. It could get messy, as even though Burnett holds a 7-1 career record against the O's, he also sports an ERA of 4.97 against the Birds.

Here's hoping that Burnett's debut works out a little better than Sabathia's and that the Yanks might get a strikeout from a starter finally.


Dan said...

It's hard to evaluate these games at all because there's no context yet. Really, you should look at any teams progress on a month by month, opposed to a game by game, basis. Anything else is premature. Hey, Jon Lester laid an egg last night, but it's far too early to be concerned.

Peter said...

Exactly. Jason Stark thinks this is such an interesting season so far because a few aces had rough games. Seriously? One bad start and we are already wondering if this was the worst signing ever or that someone like lincecum is the biggest one-hit wonder ever. Get over it. I know there are a ton of lazy writers who need to fill six inches but have some common sense.

Dan said...

Lincecum had the shortest first start to open the season for a Cy Young winner since Sandy Koufax. Koufax went on to repeat as Cy Young winner.

Joey said...

Lester made one bad pitch last night, but otherwise was OK. The reality is every team in baseball wins 54 games loses 54 games. It's what you do with the rest of them that counts. This is why I need to wait until Memorial Day until I really concern myself with baseball.