Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Baseball

I don't know why but Sunday afternoon baseball on Easter was always something that really tickled me. Not quite to the same extent as say, Thanksgiving Day football, but more on the level of having your family around to watch the game. It may not have huge implications, but everyone there is just relaxing and enjoying baseball together for the first time during the new season.

Today the Yanks go for the sweep of the Royals and Joba gets his first start of the year after sitting for a week. That usually isn't good for a pitcher, especially one of his age. I would expect him to be a little slow out of the gate and I will also be waiting to see the ridiculous headlines the papers come up with if he doesn't match the dominance of CC and Pettitte.

The end of the Sox game yesterday was great. The Angels rallying against Papelbon who had to fight through the last inning without his best command. I mean this is why we love baseball right? Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by one and its just the pitcher and the batter going at it for 10 pitches. Great stuff. God I've missed baseball.

Whatever you're up to today, enjoy your Sunday and watch some baseball. It promises to be a good day.

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Dennis said...

We've seen it several times during the first week of the season, and sometimes we forget.

A lot of games, maybe as many as half, whether a team has a $60 million payroll or a $200 million payroll, are decided by Journeymen and rookies pitching the 7th and 8th innings.