Sunday, April 5, 2009

Countdown to gameday

Only one day remaining until the new season is upon us and though some on this blog find it hard to be enticed by April baseball, I just can't resist. I actually get upset that there are so many days off during April and that rain is always pushing games around.

Anyway the Yankees will open up tomorrow in Baltimore after stomping the Cubs again in the new stadium. Its good to see the Yanks hitting on all cylinders heading into the season, but of course there is always the worry that they wont be able to carry the momentum up from Florida to the Bronx.

That's why it was good to see Cano hitting in cold and damp weather and that Teixeira, who is a notoriously slow starter, was also raking in the rain. Both of those players will be important for the Yankees this season. The loss of Matsui and Posada to injury really hurt the Yankee offense last season, but it was Cano's huge step back that made the biggest dent in the lineup.

The Yanks put a lot of faith in Cano and his smooth swing. Four years and $30 million to be exact and so far he hasn't justified that faith. Here's hoping that he starts taking a few more pitches and driving the rest to the gaps this summer.


Dennis said...

How about Derek Lowe last night?! 8 shutout innings, 2 hits and no walks against the World Series Champions at their stadium.

Dan said...

For the record, I have never complained about April baseball. The games have a cumulative effect. A win in April is worth same as a win in August. I am looking forward to catching the Sox tonight.