Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How could Denver screw this up?

I can't think of a bigger (fudge) up than this in recent memory. Perhaps Jay Cutler should be man enough to get over the clandestine trade that Josh McDaniel was trying to orchestrate this off season. But why was McDaniel, boy genius, trying to trade the best young QB in the NFL? The report now is that with their relationship irreconcilable, Denver will be attempting to trade Jay Cutler before the NFL Draft. This comes after weeks of the Broncos publicly stating that no trade would happen.

Way to break up the hottest QB to receiver combo in the NFL, Broncos. If I were Brandon Marshall, I would be seriously pissed off. Denver has spent the better part of a decade attempting to find a replacement for John Elway. They finally find one and then decide it's time to trade him immediately following his break out season.

Again, Cutler has not made things easy. But I'd be upset too after passing for a franchise record 4,526 yards, making the Pro Bowl, and pretty much leading Denver to it's 8 wins single handed in spite of a sieve-like defense. Why did McDaniel even try to trade him in the first place? The world may never know.


Joey said...

Clearly McDaniel is an arrogant guy. And he just screwed himself for the next 2+ years. The Broncos defense is awful. The only reason they won 7 games was because of their passing game. Cutler on the other hand could go to the Jets, Bears, or Vikings and win 12 games next year.

Dennis said...

This is what people don't understand about Belicheck actually. He is a manager, not a coach. He surrounds himself with people who are experts with the X's and O's, then lets them do their thing while he runs the team. People keep hiring away the X and O guys, and they keep failing. They don't have the people skills, the organizational skills, or the savvy to be head coaches. This McDaniels fellow is just the latest example.

Dan said...

Your right Den, The way he pissed off the franchise guy shows a tremendous amount of inexperience and lack of people skills.

I would love to see Cutler on the Vikings (so would Uncle Joe). They could trade recently acquired Sage Rosenfels and a defensive guy to the Broncos.