Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that the Sox pounded the O's 12-1 yesterday to complete a four game sweep. The heretofore slumping top of the order, Ellsbury, Pedroia, and Ortiz all had multi-hit games. Also Jed Lowrie is out 6-8 weeks. How is this good news? The original prognosis was that he would be out all year.

Now the bad news. Julio Lugo is almost ready to come back up from his rehab assignment. He is the personification of a rally killer. I would rather have Jason Varitek bat lead off than have Lugo's wife beater ass back in the line up. I hope Nick Green does something to convince Francona to leave him in there.


Dennis said...

To be fair, he is a career .270 hitter with a .335 OBP. As a good fielding SS who is going to hit 8th or 9th, that is not bad. He is also going to steal a few bases.

In contrast, Nick Green is a career .240 guy with more strikeouts than hits. Basically he is a AAAA guy, and that is being generous.

Dan said...

Yeah, but Lugo is a wife beater. And that makes me hate him.

Dennis said...

Fair enough, but should that come into the Red Sox thinking?

This is actually a debate Erin and I have had. Sex offenders and the like certainly have restrictions placed on them. They can't be kindergarten teachers, etc. Should the true scum-bags of the world be further restricted?

Say, someone convicted of child abuse only earns 50K a year, anything beyond that goes to the abused. This is particularly sensitive when it comes to public figures like professional athletes.

Dan said...

There's something about that I don't like. I just think that in a civilized society people like that should just get ostracized as a matter of course. Decent folks should just automatically not want to associate with them or give them high paying jobs or the privilege of playing pro ball. But as Colin Cowherd said, if Charles Manson as a .335 avg. with runners in scoring position, bat him third.

Dennis said...

Well, in my opinion, if society automatically disagreed with everything Cowherd said, and then did the opposite, we would have utopia in a matter of months.

Dan said...

I think in this case, he was being facetious. He was merely trying to illustrate that that's how society works. I actually like Cowherd and the analogies he comes up with.