Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sox vs. Rays: The Final Battle

You know a team has arrived when it can win in the playoffs after not playing very well. That's what the Red Sox did to Angels. I doubt that Boston can be as sloppy and still win against the Rays. Other than Jon Lester, the Sox starting pitching has been mediocre. The bullpen picked them up in this divisional series, but I would hardly call them reliable. Recent history has shown that the team with the hottest bullpen is the one that wins the World Series. J.P. Howell and Grant Balfour of Tampa Bay really concern me going into this next series.

Thank Moses for Jon Lester. Without him, the Sox would be home already. He refuses to be scored on in the playoffs. He's becoming one of the premiere left-handers in the game.

The Red Sox experience does count for something; although, I've never given experience as much value as most people. Boston can hope that now the stage is bigger and the lights brighter that the Rays will finally start to feel some pressure. I doubt it though. Tampa Bay is on a mission. They're young, talented, and loose. I make them the favorites to win the World Series at this point. If the Sox expect to beat the Rays, they will need to get contributions from everyone like they did against the Angels.

The Angels took 8 of 9 from the Sox, and the Sox still won in the playoffs. The Rays took 4 0f 6 from the Sox down the stretch. We'll see if Boston can overcome a season long nemesis again.


Joey said...

They have to split the first two at the Trop. Also I wonder about the rotation. Beckett, Lester, Dice-K or Dice-K, Lester, Beckett? You need Lester to start Game 2 to make sure he could start Game 7 if needed. Do you push Beckett back to Game 3 which will be played early next week at Fenway where it is cold. I would go with option 1.

Dan said...

I think you want Beckett to go first, as well. I want him to be on the mound as soon as possible so he can put his so-so performance in his last start behind him.

Peter said...

But you have to think that Becketts so-so performance might have been related to his injury. Maybe more time is what he needs.