Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just Show Me The Game

Fox is just ridiculous, as if I have to tell you. In addition to the indignity of having to listen to Tim McCarver every broadcast, we had to sit through several minutes of a bloated tribute to baseball before the start of game one of the World Series. Fox's montage of baseball moments lamely attempted to connect baseball events with world news and political events. All the while John McCain and Barack Obama recited quotes from historical figures on the subject of the games.

Zeus knows that talk about sports is often hyperbolic. We place way too much importance on the outcome of games and the events on a ballfield. Do we need Fox to rub our noses in folklore and veiled callings to patriotism on top of it?

I'm going to start a network called The Just Games Network. In other words, there are no pre- or post-game shows, no theme song, no celebrities, no Garth Brooks half-time show. The broadcast will start about thirty seconds before first pitch or kickoff. There will be one mild mannered play-by-play guy or gal in the booth.

It was a pretty good Game 1 though, wasn't it?

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Joey said...

I say eliminate broadcasters completely. I think the average fan knows enough about sports to follow the game. They do not nee some former player or CTSB (CT school of Broadcasting) drop out infecting the broadcast with their verbal diarrhea.