Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh yeah, The World Series

I must admit, I thought the Phillies were done after going 0-for-1000 with RISP. I figured they would win two starts by Cole Hamels, but lose the series in six. I thought the Rays with their hot pitching would shut the Phillies down. Every team that wins the World Series rides hot pitching to the championship, often on the backs of guys you never heard of.

Now, after last nights game, the Phils bats are raking and out for blood. That spells doom, I'm afraid, for the upstart Rays. I'm not sure what Tampa's problem is. Perhaps they expelled too much energy holding off the Red Sox.

The Phillies are about to end another sports futility streak. This time it's not just for a team, but a city. Granted, it's not as long a streak as the White Sox, Red Sox, or Cubs (like I had to say that). The city of Philadelphia hasn't had a pro sports champion since the '82-'83 76ers. Philly fans are just as ruthless and demanding as ones from Boston and New York but without the rings. Well, good for them.

In football news: I will reveal my first Top Ten Power Rankings before the end of the week. Stay tuned. They're bound to be better than Dr. Z's.


Joey said...

So Philly fans have had 25 years of no titles with 4 teams in their city. (Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, 76ers)For a true Philadelphia fan that is 100 seasons of squadouce. Good for them. Baseball is a streaky game the Rays were hot against the Sox and now the laws of averages is coming into play. Evan Longoria was not going to bat .700 and have 15 homers the entire postseason.

Peter said...

This blows. We haven't seen a good World Series in seven years when the Giants and the Angels went seven. I hated watching Barry bonds, but at least that one had some drama.

Even 2003 wasn't that great and the last five have been a joke. Hopefully the Rays rally and at least get it back to Tampa so they can have some self-respect.