Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lester is a Beast

John Lester continued his excellent season last night going seven innings and giving up one run. Lackey matched him until the sixth when Jason Bay hit a two run blast to put the Sox up 2-1. As Lester continues to mature, Jason Bay continues to answer questions as to whether he can handle the pressure in Boston. His inexperience in big spots due to floundering in the black hole that is Pittsburgh was the biggest reservation about his trade to Boston. From the his first game, Bay has passed every test. He did it again in his first playoff game.

Another good sign for Boston is the performance by Jacoby Ellsbury last night. Jacoby had a good season, leading the AL in stolen bases, and his glove in the outfield has been invaluable at all three positions. At times, he didn't get on base enough though. Some how last night, he continued where he left off in the World Series, going 3-for-5 and stealing two bases.

In other games, did anyone else see that ridiculous homerun by Manny Ramirez last night. He chased a pitch around his ankles about a mile out of the strike zone and golfed it to dead centerfield. I'm still glad that Manny is gone, but I'm not a hater. That homer was just sick.

Random Thought: Does anyone else think that Al Davis resembles the bad guys from the Dark Crystal? The skeksies, I think they were called.


Joey said...

Lester was great. I said he was the next Andy Pettitte and I was wrong. He has a higher ceiling. He was throwing 97 in the 7th after 115 pitches.
Again why even pitch to Manny. I know it was a pitch outside of the zone, but the Cubs need to avoid giving him ANY opportunities.

And boy did the Cubs look tight.It was just game 1 of the NLDS. Imagine if they got to the world series, they would vomit before every AB.

Dennis said...

You never know what is going to happen in the playoffs. CC Sabathia is getting hammered.

Peter said...

It should have been expected that eventually CC would break down. What Milwaukee has done to him is simply irresponsible. Four consecutive starts on three days rest is just stupid.

Dan said...

Milwaukee just doesn't have any bullets left. They blew their wad just getting to the playoffs. It's kind of like, we're here. Now what?