Monday, August 17, 2009

Yanks Take Three of Four in Seattle

Yesterday's loss was frustrating. It was frustrating because of Joba Chamberlain's poor effort, and the Yankees inability to square up Doug Fister's 86 MPH fastball.

But when you just won five in a row and 12 of 13 it's pretty easy to brush off a defeat, especially when the Red Sox lost earlier in the day.

I want to be hard on Joba, but it is hard to come down on a kid who is getting inconsistent rest in between starts which could lead to him getting out of rhythm when he finally does get on the mound. It is essential, however that the Yankees protect his arm and limit his innings especially if they envision him as their fourth starter in the playoffs. The regimen they have him on will probably lead to some clunkers, but its is easier for the team to endure such bad outings when they have a 7.5 game lead with the Red Sox seemingly unable to put together a run.

I imagine that the Sox will make a run at some point, but it is amazing to watch them right now. I never envisioned that they could be this bad for this long. Of course that's what happens when injuries force you to endure the likes of Brian Anderson in right field and Alex Gonzalez at short stop.

It is off to Oakland now to take on the lowly A's again. Tonight it is A.J. Burnett vs. our old friend Brett Tomko. This game has blow out written all over it, although I would not be surprised if Tomko put up a fight in the early going considering how upset he was with his dismissal from the Yankees.

It would be nice if they took two of three from the A's before heading back east for yet another Sox-Yanks series.

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Dan said...

Yeah, the Sox could really use Adam LaRoche now. Idiots! He ain't Lou Gehrig, but he's a lot better than Anderson or Kotchman.