Sunday, August 9, 2009

Buchholz Pitches Well, But Not Well Enough

Clay Buchholtz went 6 and only allowed 2 runs, but the Sox bats remained ice cold as Boston was shutout for a second straight night. They've now gone 24 consecutive innings without scoring a run. I give all due credit to C.C. Sabathia, who had everything working for him last night. The fast ball topped out at 98 and the slider looked filthy. He went 5 innings before allowing a base runner and 6 before allowing a hit. The Sox hitters looked totally lost. Hopefully Jon Lester will be able put a tourniquet on this hemorrhage tonight. But as we've learned, the Sox have become quite good at wasting good pitching performances.

On another note, the ejection of Ramon Ramirez was completely uncalled for. Hitting A-Rod in the 7th was clearly accidental. Why would he intentionally throw at a batter in the late innings of a 2-0 game with a runner on base? I know Yankees/Red Sox can get a little testy, but pitchers have to be able to pitch inside without fear of being ejected.


Dennis said...

Hey, are we doing fantasy football this season?

Dan said...

That's where my thoughts are headed lately as it appears that the Sox are going to throw the season away. But seriously, I talked to Pete and he will be setting up the league soon.