Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Absolutely Disgraceful

Disgraceful. Red Sox fans hearts were warmed this evening. If Brett Tomko can make the Yankees look stupid, hell teams should just start tossing little leaguers on the mound. I mean, seriously, you just got shut out by BRETT TOMKO and assorted relievers. I don't care how mad Tomko was that the Yankees cut him nobody with so little talent should be able to do that to this line up.

Think I'm overreacting? Tomko has a career ERA of 4.69 with all but 86.1 of his 1766.2 career innings being accumulated in the National League. I can almost guarantee he gives up 5+ runs in his next start regardless of the opponent.

It's not just that they lost to Tomko, but that they wasted a perfectly good start by A.J. Burnett who took the complete game loss. Burnett had one bad inning where things seemed to fall apart. Other than that he was better than good and was surprisingly efficient.

I'll be steaming over this for the rest of the day, and I am also anticipating a rough start to tomorrow's game as well. Vin Mazzaro gave them trouble the first time through the order back at the Stadium in July. They will need a big effort from Sabathia as this team may have hit a wall during this long stretch of games. You could see them dragging a bit at the end of the Seattle series and now with this abysmal effort against one of the worst teams in the AL.

Hopefully tomorrow brings a better effort and better results.

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Joey said...

Now you know what the last two months have felt like as a sox fan.