Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whaddya mean I need to get 3?

It was the same story but a different pitcher today. A.J. Burnett was solid through six innings, walking three and striking out 12. Hell he was even perfect through 3.2 innings before the two out bug caught up to him like it has every other Yankee pitcher of late.

Over the past week it seems that Yankee pitching has been unable to get that all-important third out of the inning and yet again it cost the Yankees a game. Burnett was perfect through 3.2 innings until walk, walk, home run destroyed his outing.

Aside from his rough forth inning Burnett only allowed two base runners, but the Yankee offense let him down. The bats failed to capitalize on the 11 baserunners they accumlated against rookie Dustin Nippert.

The Yankees then failed in their endeavors against the Ranger bullpen. They managed to start a rally against C.J. Wilson when Johnny Damon singled and Mark Teixeira reached on a botched fielders choice. Wilson settled down though, striking out the side to avoid further trouble.

Lucky for the Yanks, Junichi Tazawa showed up to his start tonight and the White Sox finally broke through against their Red counterparts. The Yanks still have a six-game advantage in the division. Hopefully CC Sabathia can get the Yanks back on track. They're in a mini sort of funk right now, dropping three of their last five. Tomorrow is a good match up of lefties. Here's hoping the Yanks continue their history against Mark Buehrle.

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Dan said...

Tazawa has actually been servicible the past few times out. He doesn't throw hard so he can't make mistakes. I'm not saying I want him in a big spot in the playoffs right now, but he's got some potential.