Sunday, August 2, 2009

Successful Debut for Martinez, Sox 1/2 Game Back

Victor Martinez had an RBI single and scored a run in his Red Sox debut, while Josh Beckett continued his Cy Young caliber season in Boston's 4-0 win vs. Baltimore.

I like the Martinez move, although I think it's a move that will really pan out for next season. With all due respect to Jason Varitek, I think Martinez will be behind the plate next season. Youk will move to 3rd and the Sox will push hard for a big bat at first base.

Beckett, who pitched 7 shut out innings, was helped by double plays in the 6th and 7th. Other than that, he faced little trouble. He now has an AL leading 13 wins and sports a 3.27 ERA. Many wondered who was the real Josh Beckett, the horse from 2007 or the floundering, banged up pitcher from last season. So far he is proving he is the former.

The Sox now stand 1/2 a game back of the Yankees and I'm sure the division lead seesaw will continue until the end. Now Jason Page can shut his pie hole about the Yankees standing pat at the deadline because they have a certain World Series contender. They do, but like all the teams in the race the Yanks have holes. A winning streak prior to the deadline perhaps will lead you to turn a blind eye to those weaknesses. Or perhaps New York just didn't see anything they were thrilled about. The reason I hate Page so much (in addition to his ineptitude behind the mic) is that he's such a Yankee homer and claims to be objective. Anyway, the race is on, and if we're honest with ourselves, we all like it that way.

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Peter said...

I don't think the Yanks overlooked their deficiencies. I think they clearly knew what they were lacking but were unwilling to over pay (monetarily and in prospects) for mediocre pitchers. I mean Jarrod Washburn would have been perfect for them but they weren't gonna give up Austin Jackson for him and they weren't gonna take on a ridiculous contract like Bronson Arroyo's. They probably make a waiver deal for someone, but lest we forget... they spent almost 500 mil this offseason.

Cash pretty much used up all his deadline deal clout in during the offseason.