Friday, November 21, 2008

Papi to be traded?

This Boston Globe story as reported by SI seems like an interesting idea. I love Ortiz and what he has done for Boston. But let's face it, his window for playing at a high level was always small. Most big guys like him tend to break down in a hurry once injuries start to mount(Mo Vaughn, Cecil Fielder). They usually have a domino effect. IF the Red Sox get Teixeira and IF they can get something decent for Ortiz, it might not be a bad idea to trade Big Papi. Get something for him while he still has value. It would be a bold move and would make some folks upset, but moves like that are how you keep the franchise moving forward. That's why Boston let Pedro, Johnny Damon and others sign elsewhere. Holding on to heroes past their prime is a sure way to fall off the pace.


Erin said...

You're not going to get anything for him, and will probably have to pay half his salary. 5 years ago a big name like Ortiz would have brought top drawer prospects, but now every team looks at statistical trends, and Big Papi's aren't good.

Dan said...

I always thought it was an unlikely scenario. It would just be interesting if the Sox could find a way to make it work. All you need is one short sighted GM to take the bait.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Red Sox have been so willing to cut ties with some of the biggest legends in the team's history over the past couple of years.