Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NFL Top 10

Some ugly losses knocked the Cowboys and Bills out. Check out who replaced them. Also a switcheroo at the top.

1. Giants (7-1): Last week #2. They bludgeoned a wounded Cowboy team. They smelled blood and went for the kill, a rare thing in the NFL these days. Win when you're supposed to.

2. Titans (8-0): Last week #1. I watched them for a full game for the first time on Sunday. The defense is as good as advertised, but I get the feeling that there is little margin for error if the O doesn't score more.

3. Steelers (6-2): Last week #5. I love that blitzing D, even though it was used to kill my Redskins last night.

4. Panthers (6-2): Last week #6. They get the pleasure of playing hapless Oakland next weekend.

5. Patriots (5-3): Last week #3. They lost to the Colts, who were desperate, but they made too many mistakes. Therefore, they fall two spots.

6. Redskins (6-3): Last week #4. The defense played pretty well against the Steelers considering the offense couldn't keep them off the field. They still don't have any play makers that can stretch a defense.

7. Eagles (5-3): Last week unranked. With Brian Westbrook they are formidable. Without him... yuck.

8. Colts (4-4): Last week unranked. Now it's an eight game season. I'm interested to see what they can do now that they're back in the thick of it.

9. Buccaneers (6-3): Nice comeback. But it was against KC.

10. Bears (5-3): Nice comeback. But it was against the Lions. I'm going to reserve judgment for now. But if they have to go with Sexy Rexy for too long, they will drop out of contention.

What the hell is up with....? Larry Johnson. I guess he's a little frustrated that he's a has-been at 28. Why else would he need to take out his frustration by spitting on a woman. This is the third accusation of this kind, where he has assaulted a woman. Any man who assaults a woman is a straight up coward. When your a pro football player and 6'1", 230 lbs., and you do it, you're just human garbage.

Note: I'm going to try like heck to get my power rankings done next week. However, I will be in Vegas next weekend for Joey's bachelor party. I will be hurting.


Joey said...

you are not a believer in Green Bay or AZ yet?

Dan said...
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Dan said...

Green Bay is 4-4. So is Indy. I like Indy better because of Peyton Manning if nothing else. GB has been a tad inconsistent for my taste. AZ plays in the second worst division in football, but perhaps in time they will show me something.