Monday, November 17, 2008

NFL Top 10: Week 12

What does everyone think of all of this junk? I've been doing this for about a month now and I'm sure I could reverse positions three through ten and the list would make just as much sense. All of the week 11 teams made it to week 12 but one. We have someone new in the number 10 spot. Check it out.

1. Giants (9-1): Last week #1. Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Derrick Ward are like the three heads of the fearsome Cerberus. They combined for 31 carries and 210 yards against the touted Ravens D. The Giants have rushed for 200 yards in three straight games.

2. Titans (10-0): Last week #2. I had been wondering all season how the Titans would fair in a game when they were down double digits late. Sunday they gave me the answer. I am now a believer.

3. Panthers (8-2): Last week #6. Jake Delhomme has another game where he only reaches double digits in passing yards. No matter, the Panthers just rush for over 200 and destroy the outmatched Lions.

4. Steelers (7-3): Last week #5. Not a pretty win in the snow, but they managed to tough it out against a Charger team that was just aching for a victory.

5. Colts (6-4): Last week #7. They are getting into a groove at the right time. No one will want to face them if they can get into the playoffs.

6. Patriots (6-4): Last week #3. I would still favor them in a playoff match up vs. the Jets, but Sunday's loss has to hurt. Correction: In last week's top ten I speculated about a trade involving Matt Cassel. The fact is Mr. Cassel is about to have a dump truck full of money dumped on his lawn in free agency. I doubt the Pats will match any offer he gets on the open market in order to keep him in New England to back up Brady. Buyer beware though. Remember Matt Schaub?

7. Redskins (6-4): Last week #4. Sorry fellow 'Skins fans. I smell a slide coming on. There's no way for them to stay in the hunt unless they beat the Seahawks next week. Then the week after that it's the Giants. Ouch.

8. Cardinals (7-3): Last week #8. It looks like we're going to have the first Cards playoff berth since Jake the Snake was at the helm.

9. Buccaneers (7-3): Last week #9. Jeff Garcia keeps on trucking along. They have an interesting stretch coming up. First the Lions then three divisional games in a row.

10. Jets (7-3): Last week unranked. I can't ignore that big time win against the Pats. This sets up a very interesting game against the undefeated Titans this weekend.

What the hell is up with...? The Eagles. This is another seemingly good team that just can't get it together. They failed to keep pace with the rest of the NFC East following their sister-kissing tie against the Bungles. How does an offense like that only manage 13 points on Cincinnati, then fail to score at all in overtime? The big fat cherry on top of this is that Donovan McNabb didn't realize the game could end in a tie. Huh? I know it doesn't happen very often, but c'mon. (For the record, I am not in favor of changing the system to avoid ties. It's so infrequent that it's not worth taxing already overtaxed players with multiple OT periods.)


Peter said...

If McNabb can't take this team to the playoffs this year his time is pretty much up. I don't think he'll be tolerated anymore.

For someone who is so good, he has become wildly inconsistent. It's ok to have a bad game every once in a while, but he has about six a season if he actually plays the whole season.

Philly may have to blow it up next year. That includes ridding themselves of Andy Reid.

Dan said...

I believe that McNabb is still a capable QB and Andy Reid is still a capable coach, but you're right. The window has closed in Philly. They've done virtually nothing to improve the roster or change things up since their Superbowl run.

Joey said...

Andy Reid would'nt know a two-minute drill if it came up to him and smacked him in the face. These two are the sole reason they lost the super bowl in 2005. Blow it up and trade McNabb for draft picks.

Dan said...

You're right Joe. How can a guy like Reid, who runs such a masterful passing game, be so bad at managing crucial game situations, especially in 2 minute offense? He would be better as an offensive coordinator with a coach that would force him to run the ball as well.