Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hot Stove

Can someone please tell me why any discussions of potential off-season baseball transactions are refered to as "hot stove discussions"? Is this just another stupid baseball thing. Oh and did you hear, next year's World Series Game 1 will start November 3rd at 2 am Eastern Standard Time, so as few people as possible can watch it. Since Pedroia for MVP was such a sucessful campaign, I have a new slogan, Fire Bud!


Peter said...

Joe where did you here that about the World Series? Throw up a link if you got it.

Also, it's called the hot stove because baseball is a big northeast thing, so obviously it was pretty cold in the offseason. Rather than gather around a water cooler or something people gathered around wood stoves to talk sports and keep warm.

Joey said...

Here is a link:

Game 7 is set for Nov. 5th, so I'm sorry Game 5 would be on Nov. 3rd. That is if there are no one game playoffs and no rain/snow postponements in the postseason.

I love baseball, but it is catching up to hockey as the most poorly run sport.