Monday, May 10, 2010

Yanks Take Two in Beantown, Move on to Motown

This post isn't going to be too long. There isn't much to say about the Yankees weekend series in Boston. Like most of this season the Yankees win when their starting pitching shows up and when it hasn't been there it usually doesn't go to well. Phil Hughes and CC Sabathia showed up and the Yankees dominated the Sox. A.J. Burnett was terrible and they got blown out. Not much more to it.

Right now the Sox have more to worry about than the Yankees, dispite all of the Yankees' injuries. This is a big stretch for New York as they start to battle the better teams in the AL this month. Now they move on to Detroit for a four game set.

The Tigers are riding high with Johnny Damon and Austin Jackson leading the league in hitting. Jackson will start to come back down to earth as his strikeouts keep piling up and his BABIP starts dropping from its ridiculous height of .511. Still his great performance and Curtis Granderson's current position on the disabled list afford me the opportunity to harken back to the Yankees recent history of trading away prospects in the 1980s for assorted crap. At least Frank Costanza could tell it like it was.