Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Bird Giveth; The Bird Taketh

As encouraging as it was for the Sox to sweep the Jays, it was just as disheartening to see the Sox give away the last two games to the Orioles. Last night was especially frustrating as Daisuke Matsuzaka's start began efficiently and ended in an unmitigated disaster. The first four innings were great, one hit, one run. In fifth however, he got blown up for seven runs and got the hook. It's gonna be "No-Dice" for him pretty soon. This signing is heading for Mike Hampton/Carl Pavano territory.

The bats of course made a mockery of the O's pitchers. You score nine runs against them (or anybody) and a win is expected. But the Sox can't seem to put all aspects of the game together. They pitch well and there's offense. They put up a crooked number, and they can't hold their opponents down. (I'm looking at you Josh Beckett.) "It's early" seems to be the mantra, but I think it's going to be a long season or sub par anyway. I place the over/under at 85 wins.

Can they at least get a win on my birthday galldangit!

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Joey said...

Unfortunately they can't win on your birthday w/ the highlight of the day Jason Varitek getting thrown out by 25 feet. I personally prefer the sox in the back seat. When they start off hot you know a cold month is coming. Coming from behind is much more exciting.