Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doesn't Everyone Want to Taser Philly Fans?

So I didn't think that this story would get as big as it has, but if you haven't heard a 17-year old Phillies fan was tasered last night when he ran onto the field at Citizens Bank Park during the eighth inning of a 6-3 Cardinal victory over Philadelphia.

If you haven't seen the video here it is.

The incident seems to have generated a huge debate over the use of force by the officer and whether or not it was appropriate. My opinion would be that the officer was well within the bounds of appropriate force and the reality is the kid probably got off easy being tasered.

Now I've never been tasered and don't every plan on it, but I have been tackled to the ground by a person much larger than myself who was running full speed. That was the likely fate of the streaker even if he had given himself up and fell to his knees with his hands on his head.

I've been at sporting events with streakers and those guards definitely take pleasure in the physical abuse they can levy against a defenseless target. Either way that kid was going to get a little beat up for running onto the field and I don't really think the taser was any worse than what the security guards and officers would have done without the non-lethal device.

Oh and perhaps they should have tasered his father instead. That's when you're suppose to smack your kid upside his head not just stand there.


Dan said...

I know our dad wouldn't have defended us in that situation. He probably would've asked for a turn with the Taser. Unfortunately we live in a world where security has to be tight at large gatherings of people such as concerts, sporting events etc. The kid wasn't Tased by a lunkhead security guard, but by a trained Philadelphia police officer. That doesn't mean everything, but I am ok with the action taken, especially since it was done in full view of thousands of fans in the stadium and millions at home. The kid is fine and will be punished appropriately with a fine and/or community service, I'm sure.

Joey said...

Someone tried to blow-up a very public space this week. Don't be surprised that when you knowingly do something illegal, there are consequences.

Also, high school kids from Philly=douche bags. I went to college with about 8 million of them.