Saturday, January 30, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV Preview

Before the sports pundits give their bottom line predictions you can get your Super Bowl winner here first at brosatarms.

This is so hard because this is really the match up I've wanted since mid-season. There are compelling reasons to pick either team as well as compelling reasons to cheer for either team.

Both teams are tenacious. They have obvious shortcomings that have somehow been able to prevent from being exposed. The most obvious of these shortcomings is defense. Both are opportunistic and though they are mediocre statistically, they make timely plays and are able to stiffen up inside the 20 yard line. Because of these defensive tendencies, I envision a high scoring game with one or two big defensive plays making the difference.

Both quarterbacks have avoided the big mistake although Manning has looked more sharp. Brees all of a sudden has some accuracy problems. Against the Colts' cover 2, accuracy will be crucial because there's always someone closing on the ball. The Saints will try to bludgeon Manning into submission, but good luck getting to him. Unlike Favre, he will not hold the ball. I think the Saints will get burned once or twice while blitzing.

All that being said in my gut I feel the Colts are just more polished. We could be looking at another incredibly close game with lots of scoring with Indianapolis coming out on top.
Colts 33, Saints 30


Peter said...

I'd have to agree with you Dan. The Colts just feel like a team that knows how to win. This is the best possible match up the NFL could have gotten.

While I find both teams very likeable, there is another reason I would pick the Colts over the Saints: Jeremy Shockey. I just really dislike that guy and would prefer if he never got a ring.

Dan said...

Unfortunately, he already has one with the Giants, although he was out with a broken leg. He also had to pay for his own plane ticket to get to the game. That's cold, yo.