Sunday, January 17, 2010

NFL Division Round 2010

  • So much for me bad mouthing the Saints. I really thought, at the very least, that this game against the Cards would be competitive. It was the high scoring affair that most were predicting. It's just that the Saints did all the scoring.
  • And so much for me bad mouthing the Colts. They beat the Ravens Saturday through good, old fashioned hard work and determination. The Colts get most of their press clippings via big plays by Manning and the receivers. But over the past few seasons, they have really learned to grind out wins and how to win ugly. Though the 20-3 score would indicate otherwise, their victory was the result of a full game of battling the tough Ravens' D and the Colts' defenders tightening their chinstraps against the Ravens' vaunted running game. The result was still in doubt for most of the fourth quarter.
  • It was enjoyable to see the hated Cowboys feel the pain of having kicker Shaun Suisham on the roster. He missed two makable field goals Sunday. Not that it made much difference. The Vikings' pass rush is back and forced Tony Romo into more turnovers than a German bakery.
  • And just when you thought we would see all front runners in the conference title games, the Jets come along and screw things up. The defense kept them in the game and the offense made just enough plays to win. Meanwhile, are the Chargers the new Colts? The super talented team that fails time and again in the playoffs?
  • I tell you what though. The Colts better beat the hell out of the Jets next week. And the Saints better beat the Vikes. I don't think I could stomach the sports media if one of them made it to the Super Bowl. Worse yet what if the Jets AND the Vikings make it. It may be the first Super Bowl in 20 years that I skip watching. I couldn't deal with replay after replay of Joe Willies index finger held aloft in 1969 or god forbid Farve Fest 2010!


Dennis said...

One can sum up the Chargers consistent playoff failures in two words: Norv Turner.

Peter said...

Four, you forget Marty Schottenheimer.

And Dan I feel your pain. I had the Colts figured for a beatin' but I guess I under estimated the veterans on the team. Perhaps the veteran core has matured past flopping after doing it so many times.

Dan said...

And another thing I forgot to mention. Had the Chargers Nate Kaeding made that 40 yard field goal in the first half we probably would have had overtime. This isn't the first time this otherwise accurate kicking has had the yips in the playoffs. See, they are the new Colts. They even have their own version of Mike Vanderjagt.