Tuesday, January 5, 2010

NFL Hyperbolic Statements- Playoffs!!!

It's the post everyone has been waiting for. It's the one where I tell you the eventual Super Bowl winner. Just like my granddad, you'll be taking your phones into the hallway, out of ear shot of your wife, to call your bookie after this one. Don't worry; no dumb ass Peter King-esque scores that could never happen such as 32-18. First the AFC...

The Chargers have flown under the radar all season, overshadowed by the Colts and Saints. But lest we forget, San Diego has won 11 in a row. Perhaps if this win streak started at the beginning of the season and ended in the number zero, people would have taken more notice. Right now they are simply the most complete team in the NFL. I know the Colts have Manning, but I see them gagging. As for the rest of the conference, I don't think there's anyone else close.

AFC Wild Card:
Ravens 21, New England 14 Bengals 16, Jets 10
AFC Divisional Round:
Chargers 30, Bengals 7 Colts 24, Ravens 17
AFC Championship:
Chargers 35, Colts 24

As for the NFC, what a freakin' mess. I love the Saints and Drew Brees, and I wish I could pick them. But how can I pick a team that limped it's way into the playoffs riding a three game losing streak? I decided to go with the teams that I feel have the best playing quarterbacks and the best playing defenses right now.

NFC Wild Card:
Packers 31, Cardinals 20 Cowboys 20, Eagles 17
NFC Divisional Round:
Cowboys 27, Vikings 21 Packers 28, Saints 17
NFC Championship:
Green Bay 26, Cowboys 20

I think a Chargers/Packers Super Bowl would be highly entertaining and represent a changing of the guard a bit for NFL quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers are two of the best young QB's in the game. I see a highly competitive relatively high scoring game ending with the first world title in San Diego sports... I believe.
Chargers 37, Packers 27.


Dennis said...

So wait a second, the past 17 weeks worth of games didn't mean anything? Then why was anyone watching?

Dan said...

I've alway been an advocate of shortening the season in every sport, therefore making the regular season more valuable. The fact is the regular season is so long and grueling that, no matter how good you are, it's extremely difficult to maintain excellence from beginning to end.

Dennis said...

As you know, I don't like the system.

A perfect example is the 18-1 Patriots team. No one can make a serious argument that they were not by far the best team in the NFL that season. And if their one loss had taken place a month earlier, against the same team, no one would dare make that argument.