Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mariners Lock Up the King

It seems that small market fans need not fret over at least one young ultra-talented player schedule to hit the free agent market in the next few years. The Mariners have come to an agreement with Felix Hernandez that looks to be around five years and roughly $80 million, just about what A.J. Burnett and John Lackey received in the past two seasons.

All I have to say is thank God. I like the fact that if the Yankees need a player they can usually find one on the free agent market and that price is never really an object. What I don't like is that smaller market teams refuse to spend money on once in a generation talent. Over the past decade mid and small market teams have given up a lot of talent to make sure their profit margins don't take a hit: the Royals and Carlos Beltran, the Twins and Johan Santana and the Marlins and Miguel Cabrera.

Now if only the Twins would man up and spend the dough necessary to keep Joe Mauer beyond next season.

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Dennis said...

If a guy reaches free agency at 29 or 30 and teams don't want to shell out an 8 year, $120 million deal that will have them paying a guy well after he is effective, I understand that.

But if we are going to have revenue sharing and a luxury tax, these teams have to at least keep the player through his arbitration years. That is where player still have value.

In other arbitration news, Tim Lincecum is eligible this year. I say write him a check. Write him two checks! Buy him a pot farm in Berkley!! Hell, deed him the Golden Gate Bridge, I don't care, just sign him!!!!