Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vincente Padilla Lightens the Mood

In the midst of the World Series some sports headlines may fall to the wayside. Like how some people might have missed the trade between the Pirates and the Rays that sent Akinori Iwamura to Pittsburgh.

But the best story cames from Nicaragua where Vincente Padilla did his best Plaxico Burress impersonation.

Sometimes you just wonder: What the hell were they thinking?


Dan said...

More small market bull crap from the Rays. They traded Iwamura to save themselves $650K. I know he is not a super star, but he's a good player. They will be back to 100 losses within two years.

Peter said...

Yea it's a shame and bullshit on their part. Actually I guess I hold that more against the fans for not coming out to watch the defending AL champs. Seriously that is why small market teams can't compete, because owners wont take reinvest and fans don't come out when the teams actually get good.