Sunday, November 29, 2009

NFL Hyperbolic Statements-Week 12

Another comeback from... guess who? From pariah to golden boy. Cool threads. And a couple more dummies need to close their pie holes.

Clearly the Best Team in the League:
The Colts spotted the Texans leads of 17-0 and 20-7. Then two pass interference calls: one legit, the other... not so much, aided an Indy drive that culminated in a Reggie Wayne TD that put the Colts right back in it. Blood in the water. After taking a one point lead on a Dallas Clark TD catch in the fourth, the Colts D made a couple of huge plays that just buried the Texans. Clint Sessions returned an int for for six. Then Matt Schaub got stripped to set up a Chad Simpson (who?) TD run. All of a sudden, the Colts were blowing out the Texans. This is the fifth consecutive game that the Colts have won after trailing in the fourth quarter. I don't know how that bodes for their playoff chances. What it does mean is that they don't care what situation they're in because they're better than you. Oh, and btw... this is the Colts' 20th straight regular season win spanning the last two years.

Coolest Redemption Ever: Vince Young. Who knows how long this will really last, but I think it's great to see Vince Young back and making plays. It seems like he's figured out something out from the mental side of things. Last Monday he looked great and the Titans were brilliant with their play calling mixing runs and passes for him. He also looked like he's vastly improved his accuracy (which is why the called runs work). Then with this 18 play drive to win the game Sunday, he looks like a completely different player.

You Need a Slap in the Mouth: Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes. Both players have publicly questioned Ben Roethlisberger's toughness (in a very oblique way) after he sat out Sunday's game with post-concussion symptoms. Really? Do you guys want to let Big Ben live in your place and wipe his drool when he's 60 and can't remember his own name? It's his life. He has to deal with the consequences, not you. No one has a right to question someone else's manhood after a head injury. But why would you trust a neurologist anyway?

My Aesthetic Sensibilities: Is there any earthly reason that the Buffalo Bills shouldn't permanently return to their retro threads? I mean c'mon! Those are far superior to the hot mess of stripes, piping, and three different shades of blue that they wear now.

File This One Under WTF: When did our society become so germophobic? People in my office building have been opening door handles with paper towels and slathering themselves with Purel every five minutes. My company now has strategically placed sterilization outposts stocked with wipes, Kleenex, and anit-bacterial goo. Guess what? No matter what you do you're going to get a cold. As long as your not licking the restroom floors, I think you'll be fine.


Dennis said...

They're not worried about a cold my friend, it is all swine flu prevention. Yet, if you ask, it is doubtful any of them actually got the vaccine, which is the most effective way to prevent it.

Dan said...

I know, but that's hard to get. I know a couple of people who got it. It was bad. They were in bed for a week, but they're fine now. That's generally what happens when you get the flu. I love how you never comment on anything football related.

Dennis said...

That's generally what happens when you get the seasonal flu and you are a healthy young person. The flu kills people, especially older, weaker people.

That is what is scary about the swine flu though, it kills healthy young people, particularly pregnant women.

As for football, I don't know anything about it, so I can't really comment.