Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NFL Hyperbolic Statements-Week 8

Could a defense featuring man/beast Jared Allen be overrated? What do Steven Jackson and Barry Sanders have in common? Sadly Steve Slaton has a horrible disease. And Tecmo Super Bowl is personified.

Most Overrated Defense Ever: Minnesota Vikings. Sure this team is formidable. Jared Allen has been playing like the Norse god, Thor, lately. But how good is this defense really? They let the Packers close within four on Sunday after posting a 24-3 lead. In fact this ballyhooed defense has allowed 20 plus points in every game this season but two. Those games were against the hapless Lions and the hopeless Rams. Is this D as good as everyone says? Just something to think about.

Best Barry Sanders Impersonation: Steven Jackson. Obviously, Sanders has a much better resume. Jackson is also a completely different runner. But the parallel that I find interesting is that they're both excellent backs who play for crappy teams and rack up tons of yards without scoring many touchdowns, relatively speaking. Jackson is second in the NFL in rushing and just scored his first touchdown Sunday in week 8. In 1994 Sanders rushed for 1883 yards with a 5.7 ypc and caught 44 passes, while only scoring only 8 TD's. Just sayin'. Perhaps this is only interesting to me.

Craziest Sat Line Ever: Maurice Jones-Drew. The hyphenated one had 8 carries for 177 yards Sunday. Is this Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl?!

File This One Under WTF: Steve Slaton, my second pick in my fantasy draft, has been killing me with his inconsistency all year. Not only that but he's fumbling like the ball has a patina of bacon fat. Fumblitis, some running backs can overcome it (Tiki Barber). If you don't, you'll be grabbing some pine. That's just what happened to Slaton Sunday. One carry, one yard, one fumble, -1.26 fantasy points. And here's the real kick in the crotch, I lost my fantasy match up by 0.07! KAAAAHN!

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Joey said...

I enjoyed the tecmo superbowl clip. How much money to you think Bo made for lending his name to that video game?