Friday, June 12, 2009

Sox Spank Yanks... Again

It's a shame for the Yankees that they lost this one. I know that Sabathia was responsible for all four Sox runs, but it didn't feel that way. He pitched a gem into the seventh. The Yankees just left him in too long. On the other side, Brad Penny was equal to the task. Penny's stuff isn't that great so he has to paint to consistantly get people out, and last night he was Mark Rothko.

Quietly, David Ortiz is coming around. Last night's homer was his third in five games. Had a mini seven game hit streak going along. Too bad he'll have to be on the bench or play first in this stupid interleague series with Philly that starts tonight. Francona will probably do what he usually does and rotate Ortiz, Mike Lowell, and Kevin Youkilis around.

Anyway, I wouldn't get too excited, Sox fans. Sure, it's nice to beat up on the Yankees, but a lot is going to happen between now and the end of the year. By August, this will all be a distant memory.

Annoying note of the day: Did Yankee catcher, Francisco Cervelli, have to appeal every single check swing by the Red Sox? Most of them weren't even close. Besides, no third base umpire is going to call strike three on a check swing from his vantage point.


Dennis said...

I wish the umpires on the lines would call the strike more often. Almost every check-swing is a strike. Try it yourself with a bat. Once you get yourself moving step with the front leg, hips turned, front shoulder shifted, hands moving, it is almost impossible to stop your momentum before the bat crosses the plate.

Dan said...

That's fine. A strike is a strike. I'm just saying that no umpire standing on third or first base is going to actually call strike three.