Friday, June 26, 2009

A-Rod Returns

It looks like the reports of A-Rod's demise were a tad premature. The beleaguered third base man managed to put together his first multi-hit game since May 25. That was his 5-5 performance against the Rangers that was suppose to signal his triumphant return to pre-surgery level. Things sorta went down hill after that.

Anyway it seems that the Mets are welcoming the Yankees to Citifield at the worst possible time. Carlos Beltran has joined the masses on the DL, Mike Pelfrey is the best pitcher throwing for the Mets all series and it seems the Yankees have finally found their swing again after it disappeared for two weeks.

Really the Yankees should sweep, but after watching the Yankees the past two weeks, the last two games haven't completely erasesd visions of unexpected shut outs against inferior pitching.

The big question for game one is, of course, CC Sabathia. Guess we'll find out how well that arm is feeling.


Dennis said...

Here is my thought on CC. You are paying the guy 20 million a year for 8 years, you are expecting him to be throwing complete games and possibly pitching on 3 days rest in the big games of September and October.

So why not have him skip a start, just to make sure everything is kosher with the elbow. The fact that the Mets are at this point playing David Wright and a AAA line-up would seem to minimize the chances of a loss.

Peter said...

That's what I'm saying. I mean you have Phil Hughes wasting away in the bullpen for these "just in case" scenerios so throw him out there.

And like you said, the guy is making 20 mil. You have to protect him no matter what he says. Same goes for A-Rod and his weekly rest-days he is suppose to get.