Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marlins Continue to Assist Sox

After helping out the Sox by sweeping the Blue Jays in Toronto, the Marlins returned to their normal pathetic selves last night as Boston hammered them 8-2. Big Papi hit a solo HR and a two run single for the cause, and Tim Wakefield baffled a Florida line up, which was only 3-16 coming into the game against Wake. This inexperience proved to be their undoing.

David Ortiz continues to improve. He's hitting .375 over the past week with 3 HR. He's now been moved to up to fifth in the line up. That's fine. The five or six spot in Boston's line up is still an opportunity for 100 RBI.

Now that John Smoltz and Clay Buchholz appear to be ready to join the roster. Boston finds itself with an enviable problem, seven capable starting pitchers. There's been a lot of talk of trading Brad Penny, but how can you do that when even he's coming around now? If they trade him and the pitching staff stays healthy and effective for the rest of the year, they look like geniuses. If they trade him, and John Smoltz gets hurt again or some other disaster befalls the Sox, they will look like shortsighted nincompoops. Buchholz is 23. He will get his shot soon enough. I think they have to see how Smoltz looks before they make any moves.


Joey said...

The thing is as high as Penny's value is now, and I think it is pretty close to his peak, what can they get for a back end starter? A couple of b level prospects? His contract expires at the end of the year, and 75% of the teams in the league are already sellers in the trade market.

Dennis said...

I think joe is right, Theo is keeping Penny's name out there, just in case Ortiz can't get it done, but unless they get bad news about Lowrie or another injury, I think they hold onto every starter. The day Smoltz is scheduled to make his debut is Matsuzaka's turn, so we are probably looking at another DL stint for him.

Dan said...

Plus, Buchholz can come out of the bullpen to be bridge guy like Masterson for now. It will be nice in case Penny or Matsuzaka don't have it working during a particular game. Then he's there to start when the inevitable injuries come up.