Friday, June 12, 2009

Can We Go Home Now?

Well that's enough of that I guess. The Yankees can't get out of their own way when they play the Red Sox. It's pretty inexplicable and inexcusable for a team as talented as the Yankees to score a combined three runs off of Brad Penny and Tim Wakefield.

I'll be honest I only watched the first two innings of the game. I could have watched more, but refused to subject myself to the Yankees stranding two runners every inning against Penny and Sabathia giving up a home run to a guy hitting on the interstate. This was the sixth of the eight loss that the Yankees could have easily won.

The reality of the situation, like a cut on your forehead, is this looks much worse than it is. These losses hurt because it's the Red Sox and it's a division rival, but if the Yankees can bounce back against the rest of baseball then when they meet the Sox again in August the will be in good shape.

I would expect to see the real Yankees until Monday though. They always seem to let the Mets off the hook too.

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