Sunday, February 1, 2009

SB XLIII: Here's how it goes down...

In the first half, Dick Lebeau will come up with a defensive scheme to flummox Kurt Warner.  Warner won't panic or try anything stupid.  However, the Steelers will make a play or two to take the early lead.  Perhaps it will be a turnover or a sack on a big third down.  Or maybe it will be something more subtle like a punt that pins Arizona back and changes field position.  Half time score: Steelers 10, Arizona 3

Nevertheless, the Steeler won't be able to hold Arizona down forever.  The simple fact is that you cannot game plan for Larry Fitzgerald.  His athletic ability will always trump your scheme.  Once or twice Warner will get the time he needs for Fitzgerald to get open, and a Cardinal comeback will start to look plausible.  However, the Arizona D, which has been playing over it's head all post season, will finally give up the big run that they can't afford or blow a coverage that allows Santonio Holmes to get deep.  When Arizona tries to get the points it needs on one final drive, Pittsburgh's D will shut the door.  

Final Score:  Pittsburgh 24, Arizona 17.  Dan's playoff prediction comes to pass (mostly) with the Steelers walking off as champs.

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Peter said...

I agrree with most of what you say Dan. I also think that, for the sake of trying to make the game seem more interesting, the analysts have ignored the fact that after the Cards adrenaline wore off in the second half, the Eagles absolutely shut down the Cards and scored 19 answered points.

The Cards may put up a fight but that Steeler D is way too strong.

Steelers win 31-17