Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Playoff Predictions

Just to show that I have the cajones, I'm going to predict the entire NFL playoffs as if I were filling out an NCAA tournament bracket. I'm just going to lay it all out there and see what the reaction is. First the AFC. As I've said all year, I just can't see the Titans making it to the Super Bowl. If Roethlisberger takes care of the ball, there is no team that will best the Steeler defense. Beware the red hot Colts, however.

Wild Card Round:
Colts 26, Chargers 17; Ravens 13, Dolphins 7
Divisional Round:
Steelers 24, Colts 17; Titans 14, Ravens 3
AFC Championship:
Steelers 31, Titans 17

Now the NFC. If the Eagles and Falcons win on Wild Card Weekend, it will create some unfavorable match ups for the top seeds. No one wants to see a divisional rival for the third time in the playoffs, especially the top seeds who gain virtually no advatange from homefield or the intimidation. That being said, I think the Giants and Panthers will find ways to win close games.

Wild Card Round:
Falcons 34, Cardinals 7; Eagles 17, Vikings 7
Divisional Round:
Giants 30, Eagles 24; Panthers 27, Falcons 21
NFC Championship:
Panthers 34, Giants 31

The Super Bowl will feature two teams that appeared in the big game on separate occasions a few years ago. Their experiences and the coaching will make it a hard fought well played game. Unfortunately, for Jake Delhomme and John Fox they will have their second Super Bowl loss in six seasons. The teams match up pretty evenly, but the Steelers have a clear advatage at the most important position, QB. Steelers 24, Panthers 10


Joey said...

The one thing that will hurt the Steelers is they don't have turf in their stadium. The grass will slowdown the steelers strength, their defense, enough for Peyton Manning to pick apart the steel curtain. Big Ben throws 2 picks and the Colts win.

The Giants get two weeks to get healthy. Though they will miss the deep threat of Buress if they can get past the Eagles, I will take Eli over Jake the Snake in the barely above average QB Bowl.

Let's hope I am right because Manning v. Manning Super Bowl is much more interesting than Steelers v. Panthers.

Dennis said...

Wait a second, you think a rookie QB is going to go on the road in the playoffs and win 34-7?

Dan said...

Against a terrible Cardinals defense he will. Matt Ryan won't have to do much either. I can see Michael Turner rushing for 200+ yards and Kurt Warner getting sacked 5 times with 3 fumbles and/or interceptions.

Joey said...

You forget the Cards are pretty good at home and the Falcons are pretty average on the road. The Cards have the best passing on offense and the Falcons defense has a weak secondary. Plus the Falcons will suffer from "We're just happy to be here" syndrome. This game is irrelevant because the winner will lose next week.

Peter said...

The Cardinals aren't exactly playoff regulars. I pretty sure they'll have the same, "were just happy to be here" syndrome too.

Dennis said...

You were saying...