Monday, January 19, 2009

Championship Sunday Round Up

  • I usually know who to cheer for come Super Bowl time. But there are a lot of reasons to like both Arizona and Pittsburgh. Not least of which is that Warner and Roethlisberger are two of my favorite QB's.
  • Roethlisberger can be maddening at times, the way he holds the ball ...and holds the ball. But yesterday he was at his slippery best without turning it over. His receivers, including Santonio Holmes in particular, did an awesome job of getting open once the play was busted. It was like sandlot football out there.
  • People forget that in Kurt Warner's St. Louis days the running game was there to keep teams honest. They threw a lot obviously, but they also got huge chunks of yards on the ground and often had a team average of over 4.5 yards per carry. When Warner has that to help him, he's even more deadly. As opposed to Big Ben, he gets the ball out quick and is one of the most accurate passers in the game.
  • This just in: Larry Fitzgerald is a monster. He's like Randy Moss without the baggage. Plus, as a bonus, he breaks tackles like Jerome Bettis. He is deceptively strong.
  • It took Arizona this long to find a consistent winning formula. I don't know how, but the defense is playing much better. These certainly doesn't look like the same squad that surrendered 426 points this season. I kept waiting for an opponent to run all over them. It never happened. That combined with a commitment to the rush themselves are the reasons for their success.
  • I can't help but feel bad for Donovan McNabb. The right thing to do is blow it all up now in Philly and get something in a trade for McNabb and even Westbrook. I can see a 5-11 season next year easily.
  • I can envision McNabb having a lot of success on a team where he doesn't have to be the man. Minnesota would be perfect.
  • Joe Flacco's inaccuracy finally caught up with him. As I said before, it was pretty remarkable how he was able to avoid turnovers with the way he sprays the ball all over the field.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with Willis McGahee, who suffered a devastating hit yesterday. He was carted off the field on a stretcher. Fortunately, preliminary medical reports are that he is in good condition, but he will remain in the hospital for observations.
  • I guess I have to stick with my pre-playoff Super Bowl Pick. Things didn't pan out exactly as I thought, but the Steelers seem poised to win their second championship in four seasons and their record setting sixth as a franchise. I think it will be a very close game with the Steeler defense making the one play they need. Steelers 24, Cardinals 17.


Peter said...

I want to agree with you about blowing up the team and this year feels like a good year to do it with the Eagles having so many draft picks but part of me thinks they may have a chance again next year. You know Anquan Boldin is not going to be a Cardinal next year and he could be that TO like target for McNabb.

Joey said...

How are the Eagles going to sign Boldin when the Giants show up at his house with a truck full of money

Dan said...

Unfortunately, the Cards probably will let Boldin go. That's why the drafted Breaston. It seems a shame to break up that tandem he makes with Fitzgerald, though. The Cards could franchise Anquan, however.

Peter said...

I don't think they'll keep Boldin around especially after the whole mess of last off-season. He might have more resolve to hold out now than he did last summer.

But the Eagles may be too old anyway. They may just be better off just starting over from scratch.

Dennis said...

McNabb to Minnesota would actually be an outstanding move for both teams. Don't know if that would work salary cap wise, but you'd think Philly could get at least a good draft pick out of it.

Dan said...

Correction. Boldin, is not a free agent like I thought, but is dissatisfied with his present deal, which has two years remaining. So disregard my last comment about that.