Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ravens and Cardinals Move into Final Four

The Ravens and Cardinals moved into their Conference Championship games yesterday. I watched most of the Ravens game and they were completely outplayed. The scary Ravens defense was pushed around by the Titans offense line, but the Titans 3 turnovers, 2 in the red zone, were the difference. Another game changing event was the injury of Chris Johnson. The star  back did not play in the second half because of an ankle injury. This exposed the Titans biggest weakness, lack of an offensive playmaker. This should be their number 1 priority in the offseason. 

The Cardinals shocked everyone by crushing the Panthers 33-13 in Carolina. The Cardinal defense stepped up and had 6 takeaways. Jake Delhomme was awful throwing 5 picks to a slightly above average secondary. All the pundits thought Arizona didn't have a chance and it seems the Cardinals used that as very effective bulletin board material. 

The interesting aspect of the NFC playoffs is today's game Eagles v. Giants. If the Giants win, Arizona has to come East for the second week in a row and play in the unpredictable winds in the Meadowlands. The Giants would be the clear favorite. However, if the Eagles win, Arizona gets a home game against an Eagle team that will probably be beaten up considering the physical play expected in today's 1 pm game. Needless to say, the entire state of  Arizona has just become members of the D. McNabb fanclub. Expect a tough game, but the G-men are rested and playing at home. New York 20 Philly 13.


Peter said...

Almost Joe, just had to flip-flop those scores.

Dan said...

Don't forget about Joe Flacco. He didn't play great, but again, no negative plays against a formidable Titans D. He stuck the two biggest throws of the game: the TD pass that he threaded into a very tight area, and the third down conversion on the game winning drive. (Even though the play clock had clearly run out.)