Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A-Rod to stand before firing squad

Today is the big day for A-Rod as he and his fellow Yankees stand up before the media. Will he give us all the juicy details? Will he put this issue to rest and allow the Yankees to focus on baseball for once?

Probably not.

Whether it's being a masochist or whether he just has to many people whispering in his ear or maybe he just loves that it's all about him, A-Rod just doesn't know how to act like an average person and put things to bed.

Today could be the last major day of controversy for him or it could be the next step in a long line of incidents that causes the Yanks to self-destruct over the course of the year. Hopefully the fact that Andy Pettitte will remind Rodriguez of how these things should be handled. But probably not.

I may watch the press conference but then again I may just take a nap and wake up when actual baseball stuff happens.


Dennis said...

I don't see a single thing A-Rod can do that would prevent this from being an issue for the rest of his time in New York. Do you?

Peter said...

No,no matter what he says people will bring it up anytime he steps up to the plate or fields a ground ball and there are plenty of people in the media who want to crucify him no matter what details he gives.

I still think he'll produce though. He may even play better since he seems to step up, maybe not in the singular big moments, but when his skills are slighted. His last two MVP seasons came after people questioned his qbility in the 04 offseason and in 06 when everyone thought he was done.

Dan said...

No matter what he does from now until the end of his life it will be wrong. If he finds the cure for cancer, people will just say that 'roids helped him do it.