Friday, February 27, 2009

Redskins Make Big Free Agent Signings

My 'Skins made a huge signing that could help them get over the hump in the NFC East by inking Albert Haynesworth. I like the move very much. My only concern is that he has never played a full season. Sometimes guys of his girth have a tendency to breakdown, especially with offensive guys trying to cut at the knees constantly. But I do like the idea of a building-sized clogger on the defensive line. This move has made a solid D even better. Now if they could only learn to score some points on O.

Another defensive signing that I'm not so psyched about is the 6 year $54 million contract that Washington gave DeAngelo Hall. They already have Carlos Rodgers, Fred Smoot, and Shawn Springs at corner. I don't think Hall is any better than them. Hall has always managed to manufacture a reputation by talking about himself as opposed to with his play on the field. There's a reason Atlanta (and Oakland for god's sake) had no problem letting him go. I suppose there's nothing wrong with having the depth, a rare advantage in the NFL.


Dan said...

Note: I just found out that Shawn Springs was released to clear cap space for Haynesworth and Hall.

Dennis said...

Dan, I just read Buster Olney's blog about taking his kids to DisneyWorld, and I all I could think was this will be you on Everett's first trip to a theme park. Check it out;